Vehicle Engineering

Proven technology

The great advantage of Westfield POD is that the engineering is proven, with millions of customer journeys successfully completed. This reliable foundation enables Westfield to move forward and add the latest technology, confident in the knowledge that it is building on a secure engineering foundation.


Battery and Motor

The original Heathrow vehicles were designed with a straightforward 48v lead acid battery pack. POD is now available with lithium-ion batteries for a longer range. For very long range applications, Westfield is well advanced with a Range Extender version, using a small, light and very smooth rotary engine.

Chassis and Body

Westfield POD uses a bespoke chassis and body designed specifically for the requirements of autonomous vehicles. The design has now been proven over millions of kilometres at Heathrow Airport, and has been designed for volume production.

The pods currently have four seats, and a 12-seater version will be added in 2018.