Environment and Safety

Optimal Utilisation

Westfield PODs have already made a major contribution to a safer, cleaner environment at Heathrow.
Eliminating over 750,000 bus journeys and reducing CO2 emissions by 100 tonnes per year, the PODs have been a major environmental success.


Environmental Advantages

The Westfield POD system has zero emissions - it is fully electric and is the most environmentally friendly way of transporting people over relatively short distances. This is because its utilisation is optimal. Whereas a bus has to run along a given route whether it has one passenger or 50, Westfield POD is an on-demand service - only vehicles that have been called by a user will move. The vehicles will only ever carry people or goods: they will never circulate carrying just air.


The safety of the vehicles has been proven over millions of kilometres at Heathrow Terminal 5. With regard to the safety of other road users, Westfield POD has taken part in three UK government trials to ensure, as far as is humanly possible, that the vehicles will not endanger pedestrians or cyclists. While it cannot be proven that Westfield POD can never have an accident, it has been demonstrated that the risk of an accident is lower than with any other form of wheeled transport.


"The risk of an accident is lower than with any other form of wheeled transport"