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The future of last mile transport

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Last mile transport

How do you cover that frustrating last mile of a journey - from train station to concert hall, from car park to airport terminal, from town centre to shopping mall?

The ideal solution would be a public transport system that is as convenient, private and comfortable as using your own car - but a vehicle you never have to drive, service or park. That is no longer just an ideal - the Westfield POD (Pods on Demand) provide personal transport for individuals which is quick convenient, low cost and, above all, reliable.



Proven at Heathrow

It is the only autonomous transport system in the world which is commercially proven - it has been operational at Heathrow Terminal 5 since 2011, transporting over 1 million people more than 4 million kilometres.

Compared to traditional airport transfer buses, it is cleaner, quicker, more comfortable and far more reliable: wait time is measured in seconds, not minutes.


Our global reach...

Now Westfield POD is going global to bridge the gap between any terminus (e.g. railway station or car park) and a local destination.